As a father of two children, I know how much children like playing in the garden. I love to see them making contact with nature, discovering things and having fun. The passion of my children and my profession as a creative designer made me end up in the ‘kids garden’.
Children don’t always need a standard made playground. They often enjoy unexpected games based on their own imagination. Remember the time when swings and playhouses didn’t exist. Nature offers many opportunities to have fun.
I try to go into the children’s fantasy world to create a nice garden-design for them. Kids gardens aren’t just for kids, adults once were children too. It’s nice to see parents also enjoy this part of the garden and sometimes even bring them back to their childhood.
A must in the kids garden are some resting places for both the children and the parents. Children should also have fun without a parent interfering the game, while the parents can keep an eye on them from a distance.