Skilled maintenance, pruning and fertilizing are very important to enjoy your garden as long as possible. If you are not in a position to maintain your garden yourself, Tuinen Ral can help with full or partial maintenance with emphasis on quality at a reasonable price.
Maintaining your garden means that plants and materials remain in optimal condition. When maintaining your garden, weeding or treating plant diseases, I will always keep nature in mind and work as much as possible with ecological products.

I am specialized in garden maintenance and work with professional machines to achieve a good result. Tuinen Ral offers both single, weekly or yearly maintenance. Based on a personal service contract, Tuinen Ral will let you enjoy your garden without any worries.

Here too, a personal contact and good communication are important to come to a good relationship of trust between you and me.

  • mowing, scarifying and maintenance of lawns
  • shearing hedges
  • pruning shrubs, fruit and ornamental trees
  • cleaning of borders
  • catch moles
  • fertilize lawn, flower beds and other plantings
  • general cleaning of the garden
  • combat pests and diseases